Hector Luis Bonilla

Enki, the Luminary Traveler

Someone is messing around with the horsepower of Earth — astronautic-like. This is the third release (of 4) of Enki the Luminary Traveler. Highriders say Hi! A hurricane will be born and named Arma. But her name will need to change to accommodate her monstrous threat not to one town or two, but to humanity! If you are afraid of sea storms, u gonna love this one! Up to now, wind whores come and go — but this one has other plans. Death toll will be epic.

This episode will tell you all about the end of the world as the real devil must fight Skygod on the sand. This time, be a first-row witness to the dreadful fate that awaits the people of Earth. The past will follow you. Jakonis is still missing. No one knows where he might be. The Asianians of water moon Mars are also gone. The Afrionians of mud moon Venus kind of like went on vacation, but, likewise, their whereabouts is another mystery. More bad news: Himm Afrekus, the builder of Terraki — gone too. WTH! Who’s gonna play the story then? Thank God for the space war tankers!

This just in: The World Watchers will arrive at the solar system once again and might still have a simple plan: freeze your mother fee-sucking world! Skygod and Lady Shekina are here, but no one knows where… What!? More missing characters?

The vice president of the United States takes the Resolute and is getting ready to add Mexico and Canada to the White House’s flag. How will she accomplish this? Her enemies will see real horses flying in space!
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