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Orlando Black Thrillers

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Orlando Black is a terrorist’s worst nightmare.

As an Ex-Special Forces Captain, Orlando Black is the last man you want to cross. Tough, talented, and a natural-born fighter, he’s a wildcard that not even the Feds trust. But after a series of accidents and misunderstandings plunge him headlong into several dangerous undercover missions, Black will have to put his skills to the test and do whatever it takes to deliver justice.

Inside this box set, you’ll find:

Carolina Dance: Orlando Black is looking for a quiet life. But a wrongful arrest quickly forces him into a struggle against a brutal mastermind — and he’s the only one who can protect thousands of innocent lives.

Bayside Boom: When Black is left public enemy number one after a would-be bombing attempt, he’ll have to fight tooth and nail to prove his innocence and unmask a shadowy plot — all while staying one step ahead of the law.

Bet on Black: When playing the hero gets Black roped into investigating a deadly undercover fighting ring, he’s forced to wade deep into hostile territory and go hand-to-hand against bloodthirsty cartel bosses who are dead set on his destruction.

Bursting with heart-stopping suspense and explosive combat that packs all the punch of a classic action movie, the Orlando Black series is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that’s perfect for anyone who loves diehard heroes, martial arts, and gritty realism. This box set is a must-read for fans of Lee Child and Mark Greaney. Scroll up and order your copy now…
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