Alex Cage

Bayside Boom

Ex-Special Forces Captain Orlando Black was looking forward to a quiet and uneventful day in the Bay Area. But when he heroically thwarts an attempted bombing at a peaceful protest, he becomes a prime suspect in a Department of Homeland Security investigation. Black’s record of training, intelligence, and skill immediately makes him public enemy number one.

Black quickly learns that someone operating from the shadows is after him as well—and not to take him in, but to take him out. As he eludes San Francisco law enforcement and discovers who’s behind the bombing, his fearless pursuit of justice uncovers an elaborate deadly plot.

To clear his name and protect the public from further danger, Black must work with a small group of DHS agents who believe his story. But time is ticking, and even his sharp wits and combat finesse may not be enough to prove his innocence and save thousands of lives.
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Alex Cage
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