Jennifer Vavricka

Financial Freedom for Six-Figure Entrepreneurs

Build a life of wealth, freedom, and retirement security with these lessons from a successful entrepreneur and finance expert.
You are focused, talented, and hardworking—and now you’re reaping the rewards of a six-figure income. Yet it seems that the more money you make, the more you pay. So how can you ever truly get ahead? Wealth expert Jennifer Vavricka has encountered this dilemma countless times, and she has the solutions you’re searching for.
In Financial Freedom for Six-Figure Entrepreneurs, Vavricka shares a proven system that helps entrepreneurs build wealth, reduce taxes, and plan for retirement while living the lifestyle they desire now. She shows you just how easy it is to:
• Begin increasing your net worth right now
• Know exactly the rate your money is growing—with 100% accuracy
• Choose the right way to reduce your taxes, and why this matters
• Build wealth that provides real financial freedom
• Avoid the most common mistakes people make with their money and much more!
81 printed pages
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