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How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter

    Maggy Mwihiahas quoted2 years ago
    One reason, you might think that you cannot speak well like a good speaker. Second, maybe, whether your voice will reach every person sitting in the room or not. Thirdly, you might think that your thoughts are inferior to the people sitting there and that they might laugh at your views.
    Maggy Mwihiahas quoted2 years ago
    An effective speaker not only presents and establishes himself but also inspires many others in their professional and personal life.
    JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAhas quoted2 years ago
    Self-Realisation is important
    JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAhas quoted2 years ago
    According to a theory of Chemistry, a new thing is created by combining two different things – like Hydrogen and Oxygen together makes water (H20). Similarly, confidence and happiness give birth to a new energy within us. This energy enables the speaker to attract the listeners very easily. In this chapter, I will be telling the reasons for decreasing confidence level and the techniques to bring it back.

    Menurut teori Kimia, hal baru dibuat dengan menggabungkan dua hal berbeda - seperti Hidrogen dan Oksigen bersama-sama membentuk air (H20). Demikian pula, keyakinan dan kebahagiaan melahirkan energi baru dalam diri kita. Energi ini memungkinkan pembicara menarik pendengar dengan sangat mudah. Dalam bab ini, saya akan menjelaskan alasan penurunan tingkat kepercayaan dan teknik mengembalikannya.

    Maggy Mwihiahas quoted2 years ago
    Well begun is half done’,
    Elena Nadybskahas quoted2 years ago
    You should know your target audience well before you deliver a speech.
    1. You should know whether your audience is maledominated or female-dominated. What is the business of your audience? There is difference of opinion and choice in young and old listeners.
    2. Your listener will understand your speech if they are aware about your subject. You can use technical words to go into the details of the topic. However, if your listener does not understand your subject, you will have to use simple and easy words to make them understand
    Elena Nadybskahas quoted2 years ago
    You will have to focus on many things while delivering a speech:
    1. Some speakers already have a thought that they will not be able to impress the listeners. They enter the stage with the same expressions. You should not make that mistake. You should enter the stage confidently.
    2. Some speakers rotate hands in their hair or hold their nose repeatedly during the speech. This might result in the listener loosing interest in your speech as they wait for the next time you will hold your nose
    Elena Nadybskahas quoted2 years ago
    You will have to follow some principles in your daily life to enhance your self-confidence:
    1. I will always see qualities in people
    2. I will work with enthusiasm and will never lose hope
    3. I will be a great person whom people will give examples of
    4. My sentences and words will always be full of hope and enthusiasm
    5. My speech will include things which will benefit the listeners and the speakers as well
    Elena Nadybskahas quoted2 years ago
    We should have full confidence on our language, knowledge, and ourselves if we want to be successful speakers. Only then, we can present our views freely in front of the audience. We feel happy when we deliver our speech with confidence, which reflects on our face as well.
    Elena Nadybskahas quoted3 years ago

    1. Concentrate only on the particular body part you want to release stress from.
    2. Give at least one week time to every part of the body.
    3. Try to make your entire body stress-free only after two to three months.
    4. Try to remain free from stress for a good amount of time.
    5. Wear sunglasses whenever you go under the sun. This will help your eyes and head free from any stress.
    6. When you stretch your muscles during the exercise, make sure that there are no wrinkles on your face. Do not close your eyes very hard.
    7. Do this exercise twice or thrice a day, and gradually it will become a habit
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