Laura Lovecraft

Meeting Mom Online

Twenty year old Sean is obsessed with his mother. Frustrated, he decides to try an online role play site to get it out of his system. That's where Sean meets Debra, an older woman who lusts after her son. Debra becomes Sean's online mom and they share fantasies. Things go so well Sean asks to meet her and she agrees. Sean doesn't have far to go because he's been role playing with his real mom!


“Mom,” I had no idea what was going to come out, but she continued…

“It’s nice to finally meet you….” She winked, “Tommy.”

“Oh God, mom!” I blurted out, “I….I am so sorry! I…didn’t know it was you!”

“But you wanted it to be, didn’t you?” She asked.

I was so humiliated I tried to stand up, planning on running out of the room like a little kid; afraid of being yelled at, but mom caught my hand had pulled me back to the bed.

“Don’t be upset, honey, let’s talk about this.”

“I…I don’t know what to say”

“Really?” Mom drew her knee up and turned sideways on the bed to face me, she straightened her long leg out next to me and even under duress I caught myself looking at her long shapely leg and her soft white upper thigh. “That’s odd because Tommy always knew what to say.”

She was still holding my hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Hmm Tommy was a dirty boy wasn’t he? And not shy about telling mommy what he wanted was he?”

“Mom, please, I…”

“No, my sexy online son knew just what he wanted from his nasty mother and he was such a good boy he always got it, didn’t he?”
80 printed pages
Original publication



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