The Status Civilization, Robert Sheckley
Robert Sheckley

The Status Civilization

164 printed pages
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Will Barrent had no memory of his crime . . . but he found himself shipped across space to a brutal prison-planet. On Omega, his only chance to advance himself — and stay alive — is to commit an endless series of violent crimes. The average inmate's life expectancy from time of arrival is three years. Can Barrett survive, escape, and return to Earth to clear his name?
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Ilya Novikov
Ilya Novikovshared an impression5 months ago
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👍Worth reading
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regurgitation, lavage, and neutralizing agent.

отрыжка, желудка, а также нейтрализующего агента.

Those who never break a law never rise in status
Main, Enver Shirinbayli
Enver Shirinbayli
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На англ языке, Jojo Arz
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