John Buchan

The Path of the King

We wonder that so great a man as Abraham Lincoln should spring from humble people but who knows what his more distant ancestry might have been?In a series of dramatic chapters, Mr. Buchan tells what he imagines to have been the ancestry of Lincoln. The worthy son of a northern chieftain who had come down with his people into Normandy; a Norman knight who fought under Duke William and settled in England; a French knight, emissary of Saint Louis to Kubla Khan; a proud demoiselle, friend to Jeanne dArc; a French gentleman who went with Columbus on his second voyage; an avenger of Saint Bartholomews Day; a friend to Sir Walter Raleigh; a supporter of Cromwell; a soldier of fortune under Marlborough; a mighty hunter in Virginiaall these, says Mr. Buchan, were Lincolns forebears. Their blood ran in his veins and made him, in James Russell Lowells phrase, the last of the kings.
286 printed pages
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