Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

Christianity Looked to Reading the Bible As Finding Life, to the Neglect of Law of Nature That Governs All Life

Christianity taught her faithful into putting all their trust in the miracles of God through his Divine Providence, more than in the miracles of the Law of Nature through our Perfect Obedience.

There is only one law governing the life in the world:  God’s LAW OF NATURE.

The Law of Nature is the Law of Life. They who obey the Law shall be rewarded with peace, harmony, and prosperity.  Inversely, they who disobey the Law shall be punished with endless conflict, disunity, and poverty—regardless of their faith in God.  For faith in God without regard for the good dictates of Nature is at all a faith in no God.

Obeying the Law of Nature is obeying God, for indeed the Law of Nature is God.

Having faith in God ought not to be trusting that God will always provide even against all odds, but rather trusting that for as long as we remain faithful to the good dictates of Nature, God shall never fail to provide.

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