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Diwakar Sharan,Sadhana Sinha

New Insights of Corporate Contract Farming for Growth of Farmers

Corporate farming/Contract farming is common in both developed and developing countries in whole world scenario with the heightened interest of consumers in food safety and quality. The farmers and buyers make advance agreements on volume, quality, time of delivery, use of inputs, and price or pricing formula. It contributes to improving production efficiency and income of farmers in general and of small-scale farmers in particular.

Although we refer to progress in developed countries (primarily the United States, Europe and Asian countries) to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of Corporate/Contract farming. We find that although contributes to the improvement of farmers income by introducing new crops and production methods, there is room for strengthening its effects on poverty reduction
through policy.
Farmers are king in dealing with their counterparts and secured with all risks which is born by the big entities of corporate who makes maximum use of their expert expertise and digitally marketed products and away the middleman to grab
maximum profit from the Farmers ( who are the Annadata). Contract farming stimulates employment. The available evidence supports the notion that contract farming increases welfare. Contract farming is commonly seen as a suitable means of linking poor farmers to markets. In this book this has been elaborated as a great market place for whole society which also involves themselves with the farmers friend. There are also huge chances to increase different employment generation activity in these areas as tourism, eco— friendly climate for short term health improvement programmes and availability of all services of experts, doctors, yoga instructors and entertainment event arrangement not such like in
metros but on the basis of rural involvement. Learning and participation of small children as school camps in these villages and know the nature in original form.
These all can be done if any start-up companies or contract farming companies starts their activities in these fields and they have high income yield
business In these areas. Locals can be involved with their training in different field their employment and concentration of population in metros will be stopped.
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