Dead Souls, Nikolai Gogol
Nikolai Gogol

Dead Souls

529 printed pages
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Dead Souls is Nikolai Gogol’s last novel, and follows the tale of Pavel Chichikov, a down-on-his-luck gentleman determined to improve his lot in life. The story charts his scheme to purchase dead souls—the titles of deceased serfs—from wealthy landowners.
The novel’s satirical take on the state of Russian society at the time leads Chichikov into increasingly difficult circumstances, in his attempts to cheat the both the system and the cavalcade of townspeople he meets along the way.
Originally planned as a trilogy, Gogol apparently only completed the first two parts, and destroyed the latter half of the second part before his death. The novel as it stands ends in mid sentence but is regarded as complete.
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Heine Melkevik
Heine Melkevikshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading

The masterpiece of Gogol - until 90% into the book it is truly amazing and then the growing lunacy of Gogol can be seen and the book fall a bit apart.

Valeria Ramos
Valeria Ramoshas quoted4 months ago
Where the star­ing yel­low of stone edi­fices did not greet his eye he found him­self con­fron­ted with the more mod­est grey of wooden ones; which, con­sist­ing, for the most part, of one or two storeys (ad­ded to the range of at­tics which pro­vin­cial ar­chi­tects love so well), looked al­most lost amid the ex­panses of street and in­ter­ven­ing med­leys of broken or half-fin­ished par­ti­tion-walls.
Lev Volk
Lev Volkhas quoted7 months ago
landown­ers pos­sessed of about a hun­dred soul
ysafi01has quotedlast year


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