Jane Brooke

Vegas Savages

In the latter half of the 18th century, Lady Blaise Fortescu is blessed by her aristocratic birthright, striking good looks and a keen mind. She's equally cursed to be born at a time when even the most privileged females are ruthlessly subjected to the will and whim of the men in charge of them. With corporal punishment universally accepted as the proper discipline for disobedient females, the lovely blonde is thus subjected to almost daily spankings. Even so, Blaise proves to be irrepressible, regardless of the painful consequences. She's resolved never to cry out during her punishments no matter how long and hard they are. While some men in her upper class social world would find such a troublesome girl unsuitable for marriage, the most eligible local bachelor, the darkly handsome Baron Trevor, has his own peculiarities. Forced to endure similar punishments in his youth, it seems that now, he can only perform sexually with a woman he has just spanked. Lady Blaise would seem to be the perfect answer to his predicament. But will a gorgeous, spirited, younger woman find satisfaction in such a marriage? The answer emerges in a series of exceedingly hot scenes starting from their wedding night.
241 printed pages
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