Jane Brooke

British Bonzai Bitches

BRITISH BONZAI BITCHES consists of four erotica stories.
DEATH ORCHID: A stunning blond British hit woman takes down an Italian/British mobster. She then ends up in London, where she has a torrid affair with a mysterious African woman and her cohort, an even more Mysterious American. Why she is there, is exposed in the chilling ending.
SAVAGES: A wealthy English females daughters are set up in a Heroin bust in Jakarta. Thus Clare moves into a dangerous and shadowy world by her friend, Oba, an exotic and dangerous Somali woman. Oba takes her to the wilds of remote Montana, where once there she meets the most dangerous females on the planet, pure killers who will help rescue her daughters. Within this time, Clare’s sexuality as well as everything she has ever believed about sex changes, once and forever.
PSYCHO BABBLE: The life of a gorgeous, London female psychiatrist’s life changes dramatically after she chews off more than she can handle in her office with a stunning, ego centric and self absorbed female super model.
JAMAICAN VACAY: A waif like, blond British Lords daughter, perhaps finds exactly what she needs for her odd sexual gratification while on holiday in a Jamaican prison
143 printed pages


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