Carol Marinelli

Banished to the Harem

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{"strong"=>["Vacancy in the Sheikh’s harem!"]}
Playboy Sheikh Rakhal Alzirz has time for one more fling in London before he must return to his desert kingdom — and Natasha Winters has caught his eye… He seizes the chance to discover if Natasha is as fiery in bed as the defiant spark in her mesmerising eyes, but their recklessness has consequences… Natasha might be carrying the Alzirz heir!
Rakhal whisks her to the desert to await the truth. If she is pregnant they will be married, but if not then there’s always room in his harem!
‘Carol Marinelli breaks my heart several times over. A must read!’ — Dara, Property Manager, Ireland
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    Nofrureshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

    Very different from what I expected, in a good way.

    JcCarashared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

    Sangshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading


    kittyrozariohas quoted2 months ago
    He made sure she was frantic for his soothing and then, without warning, without even subtly checking, his hand slipped into her dressing gown and caressed a nipple that was hard and waiting.
    katchachihas quoted5 years ago
    Rakhal had no fear, his irritation was only that she did not obey him—for as he reached the top of the stairs Natasha came up behind him.

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