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Dani Collins

More than a Convenient Marriage?

Double the drama—and desire—when two hard-charging tycoons are given second chances in this 2-for-1 collection from the USA Today–bestselling author.
More Than a Convenient Marriage?
It started with a signature . . .
Rich, powerful, with a beautiful wife, Greek shipping magnate Gideon Vozaras has it all. Except, his perfect life is a façade . . .
Gideon can’t afford the public scrutiny of divorce, but if his past has taught him anything it’s to fight dirty to keep what’s his—including the woman he’s grown to love.
No Longer Forbidden?
The limits of his control . . .
Rowan O’Brien is the only woman ever to have tempted Nicodemus Marcussen’s steely reserve—but she was always forbidden.
Years later, tragedy brings Rowan back into Nic’s life—and when deeply buried secrets begin to surface, they are forced to confront their darkest desires.
398 printed pages
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    👍Worth reading

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  • ゴメズhas quoted8 years ago
    Adara averted her gaze from the end of the driveway where the sun was glancing off her rented car and piercing straight into her eyes.
    The grounds of this estate were an infinitely more beautiful place to look anyway. Groomed lawn gently rolled into vineyards, and a white sand beach gleamed below. The dew was off the grass, the air moving hotly up from the water with a tang of salt on it. Everything was brilliant and elevating.
    Perhaps that was just her frame of mind, but it was a refreshing change from depression and anxiety and rejection. She paused to savor the first optimistic moment she’d had in weeks. Looking out on the horizon where Mediterranean blue met cloudless sky, she sighed in contentment. She hadn’t felt so relaxed since... Since ever. Early childhood maybe. Very early childhood.
    And it wouldn’t last. A sick ache opened in her belly as she remembered Gideon. And his PA.
    Not yet, she reminded herself. This week was hers. She was stealing it for herself and her brother. If he returned. The gardener had said a few days, but Adara’s research had put Nico on this island

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