Renee Conoulty

Character Voices

Want to narrate an audiobook but not sure how to keep track of all the characters?

Audiobooks are the most rapidly growing section of the publishing industry and many indie authors are considering narrating their own audiobooks for financial or control reasons. Writing characters with individual voices is one thing but bringing them to life with your vocal skills is another.

This workbook will bring your characters to life by helping you:

⬩ Choose and assign vocal characteristics

⬩ Keep track of these attributes

⬩ Prepare your manuscript for narration

⬩ Document your technical recording settings

⬩ Note down any other relevant information for the recording process

If you prefer a hands-on approach and like writing with pen and paper, then this workbook is for you. Grab your copy today to take the next step on your audiobook production journey.

*NOTE* ebook edition contains links to download unlimited editable and printable worksheets whereas the paperback edition contains multiple worksheets within the page count.
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