Renee Conoulty

Tain't What You Do

There are two rules at sea. No gambling. And no shagging shipmates.

At least she's managed to follow one of them.

Annie's latest career move placed her onboard a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat. She has her sights set on her next goal—a promotion. All she needs to do is keep her head down, not burn the food and hope her reputation hasn't preceded her.

George has his eye on that same promotion, at least when his eyes aren't roaming over Annie. He can keep his hands to himself, at work and at the swing dance class they both joined. Well, he has no chance to touch her at swing, she's learning to lead, too.

Spending so much time together is flirting with disaster. If Annie can't have it all, which will she choose—the money or the man?

Tain't What You Do is the fourth story in the Got That Swing series. If you like forbidden love and military heroines then you'll love Renee Conoulty's romantic comedy novel.

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