Jacqueline Lichtenberg


In THOSE OF MY BLOOD, humans exploring a galactic spacecraft that had crashed on Earth's moon wakened an alien, a luren, who desperately tried to prevent the contamination of human culture with galactic technology--by lying to Earth's vampires. DREAMSPY reveals the truth behind those lies, presenting the story of Elias, a musician kidnapped from Earth into a tangle of galactic espionage, amidst a galactic war over the destruction of the fabric of space. When Kyllikki, a powerful telepath, rescues Elias from his captors amidst a space battle, they must run for their lives across enemy territory aided by Zuchmul, a distant relative of the luren who'd died on the Earth's moon. Can Elias admit his love for a woman who could enslave his soul--even if the fate of Earth depends on it? Another marvelous tale of intrigue, romance, and “magic” set in the Earth's future!
407 printed pages
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