Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Jacqueline Lichtenberg is creator of the Sime~Gen Universe, primary author of Star Trek Lives!, founder of the Star Trek Welcommittee, creator of the term Intimate Adventure, winner of the Galaxy Award for Spirituality in Science Fiction and one of the first Romantic Times Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel. Her work is now in e-book form, audio-dramatization and on XM Satellite Radio. She has been sf/f reviewer for The Monthly Aspectarian since 1993.Reprints and new titles coming from Wildside Press, 2011.Co-blogs at: http://www.aliendjinnromances.blogspo... Find currently available titles and free chapters athttp://www.jacquelinelichtenberg.comWith Professor Jean Lorrah, she teaches sf/f writing online via Tarot and Astrology.
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