Tristan Luminous

Binge Eating Liberation

What You Will Learn…

This book contains pragmatic approaches to holistically treating the disorder of binge eating, and aims to seek the root cause.
Delving into the causal level of this disorder, themes of functional eating and other alternative health strategies are discussed within these concise chapters.
An empowering read as this piece of work establishes in depth full control, elimination of food toxicity, choice and satiety being the underlying factors to reverse bouts of binge eating.
Ultimately we are volitional creatures, but influenced by a toxic miasma fast foods, junk foods, processed foods, etc. These all play a crucial role in perpetuating exaggerated food cravings, and in essence binge eating.
Thus, if you are struggling with binge eating or simply want a new perspective on this topic, it's a worth while read.

Binge Eating Liberation will help you understand holistically treating this disorder by addressing:

·  The root cause

·  Psychological aspects

·  Influences

·  Proper nutrition
and more!
What Makes This Binge Eating Cure Self-Help Book Different From Others?

·  Dives into the root causal level of food addiction

·  Gives in depth insights such as the science behind food addiction

·  Takes a holistic approach by addressing multiple aspects of binge eating

·  Fresh new perspective, concise and easy to read for almost anyone
If you are tired of failed treatments, prescription or pharmaceutical approaches that bring temporary fixes, and that only treat symptoms and not the root cause, then it is strongly recommended you take action and read this empowering book, and stay healthy for the rest of your life!
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