Jalamanta, Rudolfo Anaya
Rudolfo Anaya


180 printed pages
A spiritual parable about a rebel with the power to transform lives
For thirty years, Fatimah has tended her herd of goats and waited for her lover to return. Amado was banished after leading a revolt against the cruel despots of their village—the Seventh City of the Fifth Sun. He followed the teachings of the wise men and women and roamed the desert in search of knowledge. When his exile finally ends, he returns transformed—no longer the innocent lover of Fatimah’s youth but a prophet named Jalamanta, or “he who strips away the veils that blind the soul.” He brings enlightenment, cures addictions, and can perform miracles, But Jalamanta’s enemies see him as a dangerous threat to the status quo and will use any means necessary to stop him. His deep wellspring of faith and compassion will not allow him to give up or give in—even as he faces the greatest betrayal of all.
A searing indictment of tyranny, oppression, and human suffering, Jalamanta is about the age-old battle between good and evil that rages in every heart. It is also a tribute to the love that is the creative force of the universe—the light that can banish ignorance and fear and illuminate the darkest corners of the soul.
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