Rio Grande Fall, Rudolfo Anaya
Rudolfo Anaya

Rio Grande Fall

471 printed pages
A PI with deep cultural roots in his native New Mexico, Sonny Baca is guided by his intuition and guardian spirit, the coyote—but is that enough to stop a cult leader’s murderous rampage?
The world-famous International Balloon Fiesta of Albuquerque is one of the city’s most eagerly anticipated annual events and its biggest moneymaker. But when a woman plunges to her death from one of the balloons—foreshadowed by Sonny’s vision of a body plummeting from the sky—Sonny’s sure it’s murder.
The dead woman was the chief witness to testify against the cult implicated in the murder for hire of Sonny’s cousin Gloria, whose death still haunts him. In addition to motive, Sonny finds means and opportunity: a homeless family who saw someone push Veronica Worthy out of the hot-air balloon. Worthy was one of the four wives of Raven, leader of the sun cult, and a dangerous, shamanlike criminal who’s supposed to be dead. But the four black feathers found on the corpse are his calling card—clues to let Sonny know he’s alive and kicking. And his murder spree isn’t over.
Led by his spirit guides, Sonny races to stop a vengeful madman and save the woman he loves.
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