Scribe Of Christ

The Dress In Early Church

This book is about the truth of Tertullian of Carthage, the great theologian of the early church, my part may also be to comment on this masterpiece left for posterity. This book is also part of the collection of patristic manuscripts or texts of church fathers, that is, the leaders of Christianity right after an apostolic age. It cannot be denied that the Early Church disapproves of the use of feminine makeup and embellishment that is only for seduction and receives an illusion of beauty. We must be humble and recognize that Tertullian is no theologian, is a voice of ancient Christianity, a voice of a still-living person, or a climate of expansion of Christianity by the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tertullian doesn't care about a full church that can support him financially. His preaching is not interesting, but the visa makes it clear what God's will is for women. But there is no doubt that Tertullian would be today or the greatest enemy of feminists.
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