Emily Dubberley,Landon Dixon,Roger Frank Selby,Virginia Beech,Alexia Falkendown

Company Policy

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes including femdom, bdsm, submission, lesbian and historical.

Company Policy by Emily Dubberley

What is your company's policy on sex in the workplace? Ella is forced to revise her attitude when she encounters 22 year-old Alex, whose buffed body has been driving the other women in the office wild. She detects an arrogance in his attitude, a sense that he is all too convinced of his attractiveness. This might be justified, but in Ella's eyes his macho swagger needs a little modification.

When her scornful put-downs fail to have the desired effect she decides to administer some sound punishment. What could be a better time for a private employee training session than Friday evening after the rest of the members of staff have left for the weekend? Alex's bunch of flowers won't help him now. Ella has plans for him and is determined that this will be the end of his brief reign as the office's favourite young pup.

His only job now is to ensure that Ella has a good time and, if he succeeds, she might just allow him to be punished again!

Man-Stalker by Landon Dixon

Timid, homely bank clerk Calvin Dooley is a legs man; the kind of fanatical legs man who will most definitely be swayed by a woman with a cracking set of pins.

When he meets the utterly beauteous Eva La Flora his moral compass receives a severe knock and starts pointing due south! Before he knows it he is in a whole world of trouble when Eva, who has more on her devious mind than Calvin's happiness and well-being, persuades him to start stealing from the bank.

What can he do? On the one hand stealing is wrong and, on the other, Eva is the hottest babe he's ever met. There's only one way this can end, but in the meantime there's plenty of time for Eva to tempt Calvin to damnation via the scenic route.

His Lordship’s New Mistress by Virginia Beech

Hubert Wadsworth, the Earl of Camberley, needs a new Housekeeper and is hoping that the new applicant will maintain the same level of discipline as her successor, Frau Irma.

Twenty-five year-old Freya von Hohenfels is at the prime of her health and strength. The Earl is hoping that Freya's Prussian ancestry will prove beneficial to the discipline of his household and in particular, himself. He is devoted to canings, both to correct the attitude of recalcitrant servants and for pleasure.

Freya is happy to play the part of the strict Prussian dominatrix, however her interests lie not with the Earl and his pecadilloes but with the abundant charms of Cordelia, the efficient and self-possessed butlerine. Once she has given her boss what he wants she will be free to pursue her own desires – and a personal agenda not suspected by the unfortunate Earl.

The Hole In The Oak-Panelled Wall by Roger Frank Selby

A man named John. A woman called Jane. What could be more commonplace? Yet the situation in which they find themselves is far from ordinary. Jane, neck trapped in a hole between two oak-panelled rooms, is at the mercy of the men that visit her. Will John be any different than the others?

It's the ultimate male fantasy, yet John struggles to comprehend the extraordinary lapses between what he experiences in the room that contains Jane's body and the room into which her head, in its wooden collar, protrudes. Who is the man who visits her body while he is speaking to her head? Does he have a rival?

For many men this would be the ultimate kinky fantasy and so it is for John, yet it is not in his nature to leave a puzzle unsolved. In the end the solution will test his belief in the solidity of reality and the linear nature of time.

The Collaring Of Camilla by Alexia Falkendown

Cissbury Hall is the home of the secret Sapphic Order of Cissbury Sybarites, an association of like-minded women who have chosen to devote their lives to the pursuit of pleasure. This is a serious business, as Camilla will find out when she undergoes the ceremony that will transform her into a handmaiden, forever bound to her mistress, Delia.

Recalling her earlier life after being snatched, as a snarling brat, from a Southwark workhouse and apprenticed to her mistress, Augusta, Delia knows what will be expected of Camilla. She will be trained in the fine arts of love and transformed into a mistress of pleasure. She will certainly be well qualified to meet the standards expected of her as a plaything fit for a fine lady.

However, Camilla will also be required to acquaint herself with the most exquisite pain, just as she must learn how to administer the correct amount of punishment…

These stories have also been published in Ultimate Submission ISBN 9781905170968

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