Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Creation and Deployment of Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain

This work explains briefly the creation and deployment Of Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain. The work consists from the following sectionsBlockchainSolidity variables and types How to Setup or Install Ethereum on WindowsHow to compile and deploy smart contract on JavaScriptVMHow to install Ganache Blockchain on Windows and deploy smart contract using it.How to compile and deploy Smart Contract on Test Networks,Quick example of deploying ERC20 token smart contract.Getting started tutorial on SolidityCreating ERC-20 smart contract and crowd sale (ICO) smart contract without coding ERC-20 smart contract and crowd sale (ICO) smart contract:Creating Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens and Crowd Sales (ICO) without coding with Token Wizard:Example of creating and deploying an ERC20 token on the test and main network!!!
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