The Four Noble Truths, His Holiness the Dalai Lama
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Four Noble Truths

113 printed pages
This book contains the essential guide to some of the central Buddhist teachings based on the recent UK lectures by his holiness.
This volume includes:-
‘The Four Noble truths’, one of the most central tenets of Tibetan Buddhism.
The need to balance spiritual and material values.
‘Compassion, the Basis for Human Happiness’
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Vlad Tampiza
Vlad Tampizahas quoted2 years ago
When you analyse things by mentally breaking them down into their constitutive parts, you come to the understanding that it is simply in dependence upon other factors that anything comes into being. Therefore there is nothing that has any independent or intrinsic identity of its own. Whatever identity we give things is contingent on the interaction between our perception and reality itself. However, this is not to say that things do not exist. Buddhism is not nihilistic. Things do exist, but they do not have an independent, autonomous reality
Anna Petrescu
Anna Petrescuhas quoted2 years ago
all the major world religions have the potential to serve humanity and develop good human beings.
Shari Raji
Shari Rajihas quoted3 years ago
The first of these is the interdependent nature of reality.
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