A Dream Came True, Betty Neels
Betty Neels

A Dream Came True

After her parents' deaths, and her brother's departure for America, Jemima had no choice but to make a new life for herself. Since she wasn't trained for anything, that wasn't going to be easy. On the whole, she realized she had been very lucky to be taken on as companion-help to Lady Manderly, yet Jemima knew that her life was somehow unsatisfactory, and she felt unfulfilled. Such thoughts might, of course, have something to do with Lady Manderly's nephew—Professor Alexander Cator!
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After all, she had the job, she had somewhere to live and in two years’ time Dick would be back in England and they could set up house together and if, as he was bound to do, Dick married, she would learn typing and shorthand and become some powerful executive’s right hand secretary.

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