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Black Cat Weekly #7 showcases the best new and classic science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and suspense, with novels and short stories in every weekly issue.


“Death of a Light-Hearted Lady,” by Ruth Malone [short story]
“The Soul of the Blue Bokhara,” by Frank Lovell Nelson [short story, Carl ton Clarke #7]]
“Keys to Success,” by Hal Charles [Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]
“Mysterious Blues,” by Adam Meyer [Barb Goff man Presents Mys tery]
A Killing in Swords, by Reginald Bretnor [novel]
The Secret of Shangore, by Nicholas Carter [novel, Nick Carter series]

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Charlie Tells Another One, by Andy Duncan [short story]
Cat in the Box, by A.R. Morlan [short story]
Sympathy for Mad Scientists, by John Gregory Betancourt [short story]
Guaranteed—Forever! by Frank M. Robinson [short story]
Tyrants of Time, by Stephen Marlowe [pulp science fiction novel]
The Ghost of Guir House, by Charles Willing Beale [Victorian horror novel]
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