Laura Lovecraft

In Her Daddy's Bed

Jim has a problem and it’s his 18 year old daughter Heather. It's not that Heather's a bad girl, in fact quite the opposite; she's a very good girl; too good to deserve her mother leaving them to move to Florida with another man.
Jim was pretty upset that his wife of the last twenty years left, but will get over it. Heather however is devastated. Since her mom left she has gotten even closer to her daddy. So close she asks to sleep in Jim's bed. He lets her and that's when the problems started. Lying next to his beautiful daughter, Jim realizes Heather is no longer a little girl and showing off that fact.
Every day her outfits are getting more revealing and she is becoming increasingly affectionate. Every night, when in his bed, she is getting closer and closer to him and Jim soon realizes he desires her. So far he has limited that desire to masturbating to the thought of her tight young body and dreaming of his sweet little girl being not so sweet.
But he knows if he doesn't draw the line, those fantasies will become reality. He keeps telling himself he will, but each night when Heather comes to him he can’t refuse.
Tonight is no exception, except this time Jim wakes up to find Heather is not only in his bed but naked. Naked and ready to show her daddy why her favorite place is in his bed.
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