Shirley Cole

Communication In Marriage

How To Maintain A Healthy Loving Marriage By Adding One Simple Tool To Your Married Life…

Remember when you met your partner for the first time?

Think back of the butterflies you felt every time you saw each other.

When you committed to your marriage, you committed to a deep loving relationship for the rest of your life.

Yet, there are days where you can´t read your partner`s mind.

You try to communicate your needs but you keep talking against blank walls.

Communication in a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, it dies.

In “Communication in Marriage”, you´ll discover:

— How to communicate effectively by sending and receiving the right messages

— How to stay attracted to your partner even if you are stuck in the routines of daily life

— First aid when your marriage is about to die

— Why men are from Mars and women are from Venus and how to bring both together

— The #1 secret of successful couples

— How to communicate when things heat up

— How to spice things up and never suffer from being bored in your marriage

— The most common toxins to avoid in your marriage

As a bonus, you´ll find a practical action plan for effective communication that you can instantly apply in your marriage.

Our problems often look much bigger than they actually are.

All you need is discovering the roots of your dissatisfaction and solve the problem through positive communication.
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Shirley Cole
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    Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    Make the time to communicate with each other. In order to repair a marriage that has gone through infidelity, there as to be a lot of talking and a lot of communication.
    Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    You can’t move forward and heal if you or your spouse are still in having an affair.
    Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    First and foremost, end the infidelity.

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