Margaret Hawley


We cannot get into this world without the help of a mother and a father.

Most of us also had a first love. Who we are, how we interact with others, the person we become, are impacted by these entities. Each contributes to the creation of a permanent mark on the indescribable place deep inside us, a place referred to in poetry and song as our heart and soul. From birth to death, the warmth of love and the ache of loss emanate from that illusive place.

My goal for readers of my book is that they internalize the characters' joys and heartaches as though they personally lived them, that their illusive place becomes alive with emotion as they turn the pages.

The book begins with the main character as a young child when home and family are her whole world. The reader is then led through the ensuing years with the highs and lows of life, with emphasis on a first love and the effects this love created, the heartaches encountered, the babies born, the life lived, until the final breath is drawn.

250 printed pages
Original publication



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