Stephanie Trask

The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook

Studies show that most health issues and conditions have a direct or indirect connection to chronic inflammation in more ways than one, and food is a major culprit. The fatigue and pain associated with chronic inflammation and other related issues which include gut health problems and autoimmune disorders can be controlled and reversed with the right dietary choices, regular exercise, avoiding unnecessary stress and getting enough sleep.
This book is an action-based package which addresses everything you need to know about the anti-inflammatory diet, the immune system and inflammation, autoimmune disease and immune system dysfunction, inflammation types and symptoms, anti-inflammatory diet tips, foods to eat and those foods to avoid and 100 delicious and easy anti-inflammatory diet recipes. Each anti-inflammatory diet recipe is categorized under groups such as: Breakfast recipes, Lunch recipes, Dinner recipes, Beverages, Salad recipes, Seafood recipes, Side dishes, Snacks and nibbles, and Soup recipes.

This cookbook contains delicious, affordable and simple recipes that will help you prevent and reverse autoimmune disorders and other inflammatory symptoms and diseases. Eat your way to a better and healthy life today.
119 printed pages
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