Solano Jane

Top Secrets to Appetite Control

If you are looking for a cookbook, then you should look elsewhere. However, if you are one out of millions of people who want to learn how to deal with bad eating habits and cravings; if you are one of those looking to take total control of their appetite in order to maintain a healthy weight or even lose some unwanted body fat, then this book is for you.
In a most comprehensive manner, the author, Jane Solano, an avid researcher presents a book that is by far the most no-nonsense literature you will ever read on the subject of appetite control. There are no fluffs nor superfluous content anywhere in this book — all you get is information, information, and more insightful information.
If you have ever lost a lot of weight through any weight loss method in the past, you will agree that losing weight is not where the problem lies. Yes, anybody can lose a pound in just one weekend. However, what most people usually find challenging is keeping the weight off. It only takes some level of dedication and motivation to lose weight, but after the weight is lost, most people lose their motivation, go back to their former eating pattern, and then they gain the lost weight back.
Learning appetite control remains one of the best ways to keep unwanted weight off after a successful weight loss program. With a controlled appetite, you will consume fewer calories than your body burns thereby forcing your body to draw the extra calories it needs to run your natural metabolism from stored fat. It is simple mathematics.
In this book: Top Secrets to Appetite Control — What the Diet Industry Will Not Tell You About Appetite Control and Correction, the author takes you by the hand and shows you how to differentiate between mind hunger and real physical hunger. The text also talks extensively on the different macronutrients — including those that help you suppress your appetite naturally and those that don’t. Many of these are what the diet industry will never tell you because they need your money to continue to function as a billion dollar industry.
Ready to finally put the final nail on the coffin of weight-related issues in your life? Pick this book and join Jane Solano as she leads you through some top secrets to appetite control.
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