James Watson

S.O.A.P (Stories of a Poet)

I go by the name James Watson also known as Poetry Emotion and welcome to my sixth book titled
S.O.A.P Stories.Of.A.Poet.These are the stories of my life.I have been through so much, and by the
grace of God. I have made it out of some of the roughest times in my life.I love to write and tell
stories,some of the stories you read in this book will hit home on a lot of different topics.My poems help
me to smile again, love again, and to look at life from a different aspect.My poems will make you laugh or
it will make you cry.There's so much to tell in this book.My main purpose of this book is to inspire you.So
sit back and enjoy this emotional roller coaster ride.As I send your mind on a journey.
71 printed pages
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