Medium Design, Keller Easterling
Keller Easterling

Medium Design

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Privileging declarations, right answers, proofs, and universals, culture is often banging away with the same blunt tools that are completely inadequate to address contemporary chemistries of power. On the flip side of these logics, Medium Design offers no dramatic manifestos where things are new or right. Instead it only rehearses a habit of mind that has been eclipsed. Even at a moment of digital ubiquity, Medium Design treats space as an information system and a broad, inclusive mixing chamber for many social, political, technical networks. And just as it inverts the typical focus on object over field, it may also invert some habitual approaches to problem solving, aesthetics and politics.
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Дмитрий Веснин
Дмитрий Веснинshared an impression8 months ago
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Madelon Kootwijk
Madelon Kootwijkhas quoted4 months ago
not free trade, but manipulated trade.
Svyatoslav Yushin
Svyatoslav Yushinhas quoted6 months ago
While, in a world of closed loops, organizations and institutions try to eliminate any contradiction or error, medium design also likes to multiply problems.
Дмитрий Веснин
Дмитрий Веснинhas quoted8 months ago
Parrondo’s Paradox is a game theory demonstrating that if you play a game with a low probability of winning, you will lose, but if you alternate between two games, each with a probability of losing you can begin to generate wins. The resulting graph of the wins resembles a ratchet, and the process may actually behave like a ratchet — as if the losses create a kind of traction against which to make many small gains that generate a win. [1]
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