Hector Luis Bonilla

Enki the Luminary Traveler

As a personal note from the author, thank you for being there for Skygod. He has been with you always. You have done a great service to

As you know, a long time ago, Jakonis Watforce asked Empress Harlot the Unique of Atlantis for a giant wife. He wanted a tall boy. Harlot gave him one of her problematic servants, Dia the Hunter. Dia got pregnant, but the baby was not what the ex-prison sergeant expected.

Introducing Princess Ireania. So, we go to her planet. The planet’s name is Honey. The problem is a headache of giant bees. Dia has never been in good terms with the Neptunians. She wants to change that. Dia teaches hunting skills to her daughter and also to some giant ex-prisoners. She brings prosperity and good health to the Imperial Jupiter empire. Dia has been accepted. Ireania is now the number one girl of the Little People. But Jakonis becomes concerned, or jealous, and might ask Himm Afrekus to get rid of Dia. Ireania vows revenge. But the Jakonis virus sets in. This virus is ten thousand times more deadly than Covid-19. It simply begins to kill everything! Earth is their only hope. Otherwise, this is the end — under the dome. Fulfill your destiny … get the fourth and final tablet of Enki the Luminary Traveler today!
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