CultureShock! Russia. A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, Anna Pavloskaya
Anna Pavloskaya

CultureShock! Russia. A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

446 printed pages
CultureShock! Russia is the all-essential guide to help you understand and integrate into the largest country in the world. Discover how Russia’s political and cultural histories and other influences have shaped the country and its people. Learn about the values, attitudes and lifestyle of the Russians and how you can avoid cultural and social pitfalls and adjust to the Russian way of life. This insightful book provides useful advice on practical matters such as how to set up home, what to expect from the work environment, how Russians view punctuality, where to shop and even tips on learning the language. The book also highlights the best in Russian cuisine and the rich variety of leisure activities. CultureShock! Russia is a must-read for anyone new to this wonderful and sometimes bewildering land and will pave the way for a pleasant and fulfilling stay.
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When the first McDonald’s opened in Russia, the employees were taught to smile at clients, which caused a lot of problems, or as one of the young employees put it, “People think that we’re complete idiots”. The serious, concentrated face that Russians wear on the street is not a sign of any particular glumness, but just a tradition that considers smiles to be something private and reserved for those close to you.
Only one thing in Russia is changing slowly and reluctantly—
it is the Russian people. It is about them, their character, mentality, habits, likes and dislikes, their manner of behaviour and communication, that is worth writing about nowadays.
Russia: A Nation At Large, Bookmate
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