Falling in Love / With Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science
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Andrew Long

The Psychology of Happiness

Mary F.Porter
Ap­plied Psy­chol­ogy for Nurses

Mary F.Porter

Applied Psychology for Nurses

Jean-Henri Fabre
The Won­ders of In­stinct / Chap­ters in the Psy­chol­ogy of In­sects

Jean-Henri Fabre

The Wonders of Instinct / Chapters in the Psychology of Insects

Patricia Patricia Sherwood

Human development: a psychological and spiritual journey

Havelock Ellis
Stud­ies in the Psy­chol­ogy of Sex, Vol­ume 2 / Sex­ual In­ver­sion

Havelock Ellis

Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 / Sexual Inversion

Alison Price, David Price

Introducing Psychology of Success

Warren Hilton
Ini­tia­tive Psy­chic En­ergy / Be­ing the Sixth of a Se­ries of Twelve Vol­umes on the / Ap­pli­ca­tions of Psy­chol­ogy to the Prob­lems of Per­sonal and / Busi­ness Ef­fi­ciency

Warren Hilton

Initiative Psychic Energy / Being the Sixth of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the / Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and / Business Efficiency

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