Philippe Agripnidis

The Universal Inventions

Inventions are the pillars and engines of civilizations. All that surrounds us, allows us to live, to act, to create, is only made possible by them. No tool, no object, no source of energy exists without being based on their use. Whether they are in the public domain or belong to private actors. And whether their discoverer or inventor is known or remains anonymous. The more sophisticated they are, the more they allow each of us to have, potentially, more quality of Life.

Thus this double observation, of presence in all our fields of activity and of indicators of capacities of actions for the Humanity, brings a logical obligation. That of constantly improving inventions in order to allow all the people of the world to benefit from them as soon as possible. However, the current organization of invention patents is not adapted to this necessity. It even goes against this objective. By not allowing us all to benefit from the best as soon as it exists, it restricts the use of new processes to those who want to keep it for themselves.

We will not be able to succeed in the many challenges that we face if we do not change certain mentalities and practices. Restricting access to inventions has no sense and relevance. It is not the way of the heart nor even the way of wisdom. Because with a new conception of patents, true inventors and innovators could earn more money than they currently receive. And humanity would benefit fully from their discoveries.

In this book you will find the major proposals for the creation of a new system of invention management. There are nine of them. The first principle is “New inventions belong to all of humanity”.

Come and discover the other principles in this book. And, why not, take part in the creations and sharing that will generate this new construction that is to be built together.

Hyperlinks to sources and references are included in the book.
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