Todd Sheldon

Turbulent Money

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What do cycles, cosmic cycles, filters, instruments and pictures have to do with understanding the changing direction of your money?   What do sheep, Rockefellers, gangsters, billionaires, presidents of countries, bishops, and the IRA have in common? How does turbulence, corruption and manipulation influence changes to stocks, commodities and overall investing?  With anything in life, whether trading and investing your money, navigating ocean waters in your boat,  climbing mount Everest,  all require a serious amount of research and evaluation,  the risk to reward.  
Turbulent money examines this fascinating phenomenon of risk and how to understand the factors that influence the ups and downs of your investments including corruption, high-frequency trading and robots.  Todd looks closely into the markets and how to get above average returns using various tools and tips while accounting for cycles and how the past forecasts a path to the future.  He delves into the secret of visualization and describes how he witnessed first-hand corruption including the use of hired assassins and how this creates changes in the valuation of currency.

The financial market system without gainsaying, is a very lucrative system that can make one stupendously rich, yet dicey as such that it could mar a trader’s financial life if he doesn’t have sound knowledge of the market. The system from time to time changes and now especially is experiencing a lot of turbulence. In order to practically stay afloat and learn the ropes on how to embark on successful trading, there is need for proper guidance and education. This book explains the nitty-gritty of the financial market in today’s time. It follows the story of an impressionable young man who has gone through the molding process of learning from big time players, as well as experienced financial market moguls and corporations, to his own personal experience and experiments. He experienced the gains and fails of financial markets, and have learnt the requisite skills in trading, especially during these days in turbulent times. The book also traces the origin of the financial market, while also touching on some salient points such as high frequency trading, use of robots in the financial market trading system, as well as the raging scourge of corruption in the financial market, mostly perpetrated by the big names and corporations. You would find this book handy, as it contains a lot of to-do and not-to-do, as well as information that would mold you into a better and smarter financial trader.

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Todd Sheldon



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