Maura Nevel Thomas

Personal Productivity Secrets

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Learn tried-and-tested methods for optimal personal productivity! Ever find yourself more than a bit overwhelmed by the constant influx of e-mail and reminders as well as the ever-present calendars, to-do lists, miscellaneous paper, and sticky notes? Add to that, myriad devices that were originally intended to make us more efficient, but in reality, only end up forcing us to juggle even more. Our brains aren't wired for all this, but we can learn to be productive. Personal Productivity Secrets gives you everything you need to know to be organized, in control, and to get things done:
Understand how your brain absorbs, organizes, and filters the daily deluge of information, and learn to trick your brain into being more productive Appreciate the difference between “Time Management” and “Attention Management” and create workflow processes that help you defend your attention Create a plan for navigating endless technology options, and implement tools that will keep you productive, focused and in control Personal Productivity Secrets reveals updated and vital information for achieving your significant results, and being as productive as you can be in a fast-paced, technology-driven society.
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  • Amara Peterhas quoted7 years ago
    You can only manage what you can see, and you can only see what is outside of your head.
  • Amara Peterhas quoted7 years ago
    If you notice, lion tamers always grab the stool by the seat, and aim the legs at the lion. The animal perceives four separate threats and tries to focus on all four legs at the same time, which makes it confused. When the lion is confused, it becomes passive and retreats.
  • Amara Peterhas quoted7 years ago
    but remember this important principle: You don’t have to convince yourself to do everything; you only have to convince yourself to do the next thing.

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