Hector Luis Bonilla

Enki the Luminary Traveler

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Be a front-row witness to the dreadful fate awaiting the people of our early solar system. Jakonis is still in command of the Imperial Jupiter … that mother fee-sucker…

You didn’t catch this last time, but the Asianians of water moon Mars plan to board the Mid Jettan ‘ships.’ What do they want from these sinking air cities?

More breaking news: The Afrionians of mud moon Venus seem to be building the largest machine ever seen in these parts of the galaxy. But what is the robot world for?

Here’s what we think we know: The world-killing ships of Lu Zeffer will be arriving at the solar system soon. The plan is simple: kill Earth. But not so fast. Lu discovers robot world Terraki. Can he take Babelin from the big black hands of Himm Afrekus?

Skygod finds himself saving Captain Shekena from the jungle-death of giant-rodent assaults. Despite appearances, these are exiting news! This is love at first rescue. And it is not without near-death experiences and pedophilic overtones!

Amid of it all, this time is for sure: white dwarf Marduk is getting ready to kill her mother, old star Tiamat. A new solar system is about to be born. Can the Incanans survive? Can Enlil’s planet nova change the destiny of the human species?

Of course, our fathers used to call this celestial armageddon a supernova … but a star is a planet … or so the gods claim … Enlil’s planet nova is just one of many. One of many local events that will require Skygod’s undivided attention … if he wants Earth to survive the death tankers that killed gas world Pogonia!

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