William Blake

The Book of Urizen

19 year old Melissa doesn't realise how bored she is with her dead-end life until she meets the beautiful renowned author, Annaliese, and her friends. Seduced by their easy glamour and apparently golden lifestyle, when an opportunity arises to become part of their charmed circle, Melissa desperately grabs it. However, she quickly suspects all is not as it seems within this beautiful world she now inhabits. Exactly who is Annaliese, where does she come from, and why does Melissa feel her new home is a house of secrets? Dismissing her initial doubts, Melissa willingly shrugs off her old persona to become Eve, talented and sophisticated, a valued member of Annaliese's inner circle of friends, accepted and loved by them all, except Caro, Annaliese's oldest friend and trusted confidante. She alone despises Eve with an intense hatred that seems to have its roots buried deep in the past. Years pass and Eve accepts that she will never be more than a friend to Scott, one of the circle and himself an enigma. Taciturn and withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, he too has his secrets. Despairing she will ever break through Scott's solid outer shell to the man within, Eve buries her love for him beneath a layer of friendship. But even Annaliese cannot protect her friends from everything and, when a terrible tragedy strikes, it cracks the perfect facade, threatening to split the circle apart. Having far reaching consequences, bizarrely, it gives Eve a tantalising taste of the happiness she so desperately craves. But then a calculated act of betrayal shatters Eve's world. Destroyed, she leaves, running as far away as she can to a lonely and self-imposed exile, until a message of love from beyond the grave brings her home where, in a shocking twist, the truth is finally revealed and Eve at last understands the true story of her life with Annaliese.
327 printed pages


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