Purity: A Novel, Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Franzen

Purity: A Novel

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The Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Freedom and The Corrections
Young Pip Tyler doesn’t know who she is. She knows that her real name is Purity, that she’s saddled with $130,000 in student debt, that she’s squatting with anarchists in Oakland, and that her relationship with her mother — her only family — is hazardous. But she doesn’t have a clue who her father is, why her mother chose to live as a recluse with an invented name, or how she’ll ever have a normal life.
Enter the Germans. A glancing encounter with a German peace activist leads Pip to an internship in South America with the Sunlight Project, an organization that traffics in all the secrets of the world — including, Pip hopes, the secret of her origins. TSP is the brainchild of Andreas Wolf, a charismatic provocateur who rose to fame in the chaos following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now on the lam in Bolivia, Andreas is drawn to Pip for reasons she doesn’t understand, and the intensity of her response to him upends her conventional ideas of right and wrong.
Jonathan Franzen’s Purity is a grand story of youthful idealism, extreme fidelity, and murder. The author of The Corrections and Freedom has imagined a world of vividly original characters — Californians and East Germans, good parents and bad parents, journalists and leakers — and he follows their intertwining paths through landscapes as contemporary as the omnipresent Internet and as ancient as the war between the sexes. Purity is the most daring and penetrating book yet by one of the major writers of our time.
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Maria Bolshakova
Maria Bolshakovashared an impressionlast year

Complex interweaving of several families’ fates. Like one of those great families sagas. Modern technologies, gnawing madness and insane toxic love (btw almost all characters).
Tom and Anabel’s story was the most exciting for me.

Марина Орлова
Марина Орловаshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading

I liked the book, it's good though nothing special in my humble opinion.

Артём Макарский
Артём Макарскийshared an impression5 years ago

Специализирующийся на семейных историях Франзен написал настоящий роман воспитания об эпохе Сноудена и Wikileaks: коммунизм, любовь, смерть, безумие, слава и семья.


Maria Bolshakova
Maria Bolshakovahas quotedlast year
it would have depressed her, had she been able to afford being depressed
Марина Орлова
Марина Орловаhas quoted3 years ago
Much better to be doing than to be thinking about doing.
Mustika L. Hapsoro
Mustika L. Hapsorohas quoted4 years ago
All these good-hearted San Lorenzo Valley types had glimpsed in Pip’s mother what Pip herself, in her early teens, had seen and felt proud of: an ineffable sort of greatness. You didn’t have to write to be a poet, you didn’t have to create things to be an artist. Her mother’s spiritual Endeavor was itself a kind of art—an art of invisibility.

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