Paul J Bennett

War of the Crown

The secret to their future lies in the past.

War rages on, stretching the Army of Merceria to the breaking point. Even with Norland armies marching in the north, their capital proves the tougher challenge, leaving Gerald no choice but to split his army.

Meanwhile, devastated by the loss of its king, Weldwyn desperately struggles to marshal enough forces to repel the inevitable invasion from their greatest rival.

Seizing the opportunity, the Twelve Clans flood across the border, confident that this time they will fulfill their destiny.

Now, as conflict sweeps across the lands, the Dark Queen finally unleashes her ruthless fury.

Can the youngest kingdom defeat humanity's oldest foe?

Join Anna and Gerald as they struggle to save the kingdom they have spent so many years building as the Heir to the Crown series continues in Book Nine, War of the Crown.

Prepare to engage in battle as you unsheathe War of the Crown.
446 printed pages
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