Paul J Bennett

Defender of the Crown

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy!

As peace settles across the land, two great kingdoms prepare for a royal wedding. With all eyes focused on the celebrations, the unexpected arrival of a Norland delegation throws everything into chaos.

For generations, they have laid claim to the throne of Merceria, yet now they want to negotiate?

With her own nobles council in constant conflict, Queen Anna is forced to question the motive of this visit. Is it a trap, or a genuine desire to end hostilities?

Against the wisdom of her advisors, she travels north, determined to forge a new future for her people.

Will her unwavering desire for peace lead to the destruction of all she holds dear?

Journey with Anna and discover the true motives of the Norlanders in Defender of the Crown, book seven of Paul J Bennett's Heir to the Crown series. If you like hidden agendas, desperate battles, and determined mages, then this is the book for you!

Settle in for a wild ride with Defender of the Crown, and give peace a chance!
448 printed pages
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