The Hormone Factory, Saskia Goldschmidt
Saskia Goldschmidt

The Hormone Factory

296 printed pages
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“A dark, fascinating exploration of man's nature.” – The Lancet. A riveting thriller about greed, power, hormones, illicit sex, and women … and the monstrous megalomaniac who believes he can have it all. Vainglorious Mordechai de Paauw is ruthless: in the years before World War II, the Dutch pharmaceutical entrepreneur is on the cutting edge of science and determined to develop the contraceptive pill… no matter what the cost. Testing hormonal treatments on his female workers, and sexually exploiting them, Mordechai’s secret immoral life and his successful company are threatened by the rise of Hitler and, years later, a shocking scandal involving his brash son. Will Mordechai ever find redemption, and will the women he manipulates regain control over their own bodies?
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boriskkashared an impression2 years ago
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Great for eng vocabulary!

monicagavrilasshared an impression2 years ago
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An amazing lecture!

Александра Кныш
Александра Кнышshared an impression10 months ago
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Maris Kaik
Maris Kaikhas quoted10 months ago
a stone around our necks, while never, not
Kayy Lewis
Kayy Lewishas quotedlast year
Crying over spilled milk doesn’t get you anywhere. What’s done is done, there’s nothing you can do about death’s unpredictable ways.
Danielle Nguyen
Danielle Nguyenhas quoted2 years ago
Day by day I seem to be sinking more deeply into the gloom that has characterized so much of my time on earth. I know them well, the days when it feels as if you’re stuck ankle-deep in filthy, glutinous sludge and even the slightest movement demands just too much effort. The hours you lie in bed motionless because you’re locked in a cocoon of wretchedness. It’s from that supine position that you survey the world. The sun that rises and shines, as if its light could possibly make any difference.
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