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Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume, Caspar Luyken

Caspar Luyken

Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume

Everyday Fashions of the Thirties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs, Stella Blum

Stella Blum

Everyday Fashions of the Thirties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs

The Corset and the Crinoline, W.B.Lord


The Corset and the Crinoline

Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, Alison Gernsheim

Alison Gernsheim

Victorian and Edwardian Fashion

Edwardian Fashion, Daniel Milford-Cottam

Daniel Milford-Cottam

Edwardian Fashion

Victorian Fashion in America, Kristina Harris

Kristina Harris

Victorian Fashion in America

Fabulous Fashions of the 1990s, Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Fabulous Fashions of the 1990s

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Fashion and sewing, Olga Zotova

Fashion and sewing

Fashion, illustration, costume, nekroz

Fashion, illustration, costume

мода, Ангела


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