Dion Clayton Calthrop

English Costume

708 printed pages
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  • Anastasiya Glushkovahas quoted9 years ago
    It was the fashion to wear new clothes on the Queen’s birthday, March 1, and then the streets noted the loyal people who indulged their extravagance or pushed a new fashion on that day.
  • Anastasiya Glushkovahas quoted9 years ago
    He carries a chapeau bras under his arm—a hat for carrying only, since he will not ruffle his wig.
  • Anastasiya Glushkovahas quoted9 years ago
    The ruffs and collars of lace were starched in many colours—purple, goose-green, red and blue, yellow being completely out of the fashion since the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury by Mrs. Anne Turner, the friend of the Countess of Somerset; and this because Mrs. Turner elected to appear at the gallows in a yellow ruff.

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