Craig Farestveit

Selling Sacred Ground

Selling Sacred Ground takes an in-depth look at the real estate sales process and whether or not the real estate agent will be relevant or worthy of replacement in the marketplace.With over 5 million homes selling in the US every year, our growing DIY culture is asking if the traditional real estate agent is worth the commissions paid in all of those transactions. After all, traditional “experts” such as travel agents, stock brokers, and even doctors have been forced to adjust their roles with sites such as Expedia, Charles Schwab, and WebMD available to the public.
Whereas most real estate resources are focused on how to get more clients and even more money from those clients, long-term veteran Craig Farestveit addresses how to actually do the job well for clients. A sobering how-to for those considering a career in real estate, Selling Sacred Ground looks at what a good real estate agent actually does in the sale of the home, helping those buying or selling decide if an agent is worth the cost and guiding experienced real estate agents to growth in a changing marketplace.
177 printed pages
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