Veronica Sloan

Daddy Issues – Volume 2

Indulge your taboo cravings
with this second helping of Daddy Issues! In “Daddy's Milk Maid,”
Zoey's hormones are out of control and she can't stop producing milk. Can her
father restrain his hunger for her swelling breasts, or will he drink from that
forbidden spring? In “Master of the House,” a headstrong punk
discovers that her step-father isn't the pushover he appears to be. In “Sharing Daddy's Fetish,” Savannah wants to fulfill her father's
perverted fantasy: Taking her while she sleeps in his bed. Finally, in “Unspoken Connection,” a family secret compels a father and daughter
to keep a secret of their own.

This collection of four
erotic shorts is 36,000 words and for readers 18 and up.

Excerpt ~~~~~

She was squeezed into that
dress, Joe thought guiltily. She wasn't his little girl anymore. He hated
himself for letting his eyes rove lower, to the soft swell of her stomach and below, where her high heels were tucked into her generous thighs. The bottom of the dress rode up and Joe could see that she was pale all over, like most
Seattle girls, and deliciously smooth. God, he thought, after a crazy night
like this, what man wouldn't want to curl up on that delicious…

Joe ripped his gaze away. He was no better than Nathan if he let himself demean her that way. The things
Nate said about his daughter and the callous way he dismissed her after being
replaced, it was abhorrent. Was there any world in which Joe could compliment
his daughter's derriere and not objectify her? He didn't want to objectify her.
He wanted to celebrate her beauty alongside her wit.

Well, but he did objectify
her a little, didn't he? Hadn't there been times when he'd caught a glimpse of Erin from the corner of his eye, not expecting her, and been awed by the
fertile sway of her hips? Hadn't there been times (yes, more than once) when he imagined her beautiful hair spread out below him instead of his wife's? Hadn't
there been times when he savored her hugs for a little longer than he should

Joe tried not to stare at his
daughter's legs. But his mind was haunted by Nathan's story, and confounded by his own growing arousal. It was a raw kind of excitement he hadn't felt in years. Not helping matters was the alcohol, which made the borders of his love
fuzzy. There were different kinds of love, the purely emotional and the purely
physical, and he could feel them bleeding together. It will pass, he promised
himself--it's late and she's warm and you adore her, but that is not how you
show it.

He wanted to show it. He could already feel it, the ball of nervous energy swelling in his gut, the physical response to her beautiful body as it bounced in the cab. If Erin had not felt it, too, that same nervous swell of energy that demanded action, the night would have passed in innocence. But her breaths were sharp and shallow,
her heart raced behind her tingling chest, and when her father met her eyes
again she did not hold back.

The hand not on his chest
slid into his hair and pulled him to her lips. They kissed for the second time
that night, this time softer and even more slowly. Whereas the first kiss was a
surprise, a spontaneous tenderness, this was something more profound. This was a beginning.

Erin could feel, in the
subtle shifts of his body and the low hum in his throat, how desperately he needed her. The man had not been kissed like this in far too long. She pushed
herself harder against him, letting him feel her body through the thin dress.
Her mouth opened wider and their tongues caressed each other. His fingers slid
from her shoulder to her chest…grazed the neckline of her dress…and peeled
it down.
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